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Prepaid Airtime Botswana

Recharge your Prepaid Airtime and 3G Data Online 24/7

Buy airtime & convert to SMS or Data bundles.


Please ensure that your purchase amount is exactly or made up of a combination of the following denominations:

  • Mascom: P10, P20, P60, P100
  • BeMobile: P10, P20, P30, P50, P100
  • Orange: P10, P20, P50, P100

Recharge airtime in an instant

Take a minute to sign up (Once-off). Create Prepaid24 as beneficiary in your own bank and use the correct beneficiary reference to make payment:

M(Mascom); B(BeMobile); O(Orange) in front of your prepaid cell number (e.g M71677839)

Receive your PIN on the number used

Next time you want to recharge, simply make a payment with the correct reference.

Single meter recharge steps

If you choose to do this basic recharge, we will gladly assist you once your first transaction has been completed successfully and you are ready to add more devices and products to your profile.

Ready to get started?

Would you like to recharge the whole family's cellphones with a single payment - across all providers?

You can recharge up to 50 cellphones with a single payment in your own secure MyPP24Profile.

Multiple meter recharge steps

Prepaid24 offers a variety of payment methods within your secure MyPP24Profile:

  1. EFT payments
    Payment via EFT is quite simple. All you have to do is to add Prepaid24Botswana as a beneficiary using our banking details, and then make a payment using the unique reference number that is generated after you have followed the transacting process.
  2. SmartFund payments
    The SmartFund is a popular option with clients, as it allows for instant product delivery. It is a universal payment facility for all your prepaid product purchases and is unique to Prepaid24. This feature allows you to have funds ready for your product purchases, without having to log into your online banking. Top-up your SmartFund via EFT.  

Ready to get started?